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The NociOcular Assay: A Novel Assay Looking at TRPV1 Channel Activity for Eye Sting Predictions

IIVS is pleased to announce a webinar on the NociOcular assay, a novel in vitro assay designed to predict a substance's eye stinging potential. Dr. Anna Forsby of Stockholm University, developer of the assay, will provide an introduction on the scientific basis of the assay. Dr. Kimberly Norman of IIVS will present data from a collaborative study between IIVS, Stockholm University, and Johnson & Johnson Consumer and Personal Products Worldwide to test baby cleanser formulations in the NociOcular assay and compare the results to existing human clinical eye sting data. The webinar concludes with a question and answer session with all speakers.

Presenters Dr. Anna Forsby - Stockholm University, Dr. Kimberly Norman - IIVS, Dr. Neena Tierney - J&J
Presentation Time 2014-03-13 10:00 US Eastern Time
Length 60 minutes
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